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Welcome to Jonny Almond - Home Page

Welcome to the Jonny Almond Nut Company Website

Have you ever been to a county fair or sporting event?? Do you remember the sweet smell of cinnamon almonds roasting?? Chances are you have and it's likely you purchased a bag and enjoyed the taste of warm cinnamon roasted almonds in a cone shaped bag.

Well, we're the first company to bring the cone shaped bag of cinnamon almonds to your local grocery stores and convenience stores. You can find our Jonny Almonds in thousands of stores across the United States. Plus you will find them here in our online store.

Now you don't have to wait until that sporting event or county fair to enjoy these delicious tasting glazed almonds. Most of the time people pay twice as much for the same package of almonds that we sell. Imagine that, you can save 50%, get these almonds anytime you want, plus you can have them delivered to your door.

So now, you can have this exact same experience at half the price. Also, you can microwave them (removing them from the bag of course) for 1-2 minutes and they'll taste just like they came out of the roaster.

So, what are you waiting for?? Just go ahead now and visit our online store and order up some. Or, visit your closest Cracker Barrel Restaurant and be sure to ask them for some fresh "Jonny Almonds".

Cinnamon roasted almonds have been a worldwide treat for well over 100 years. We use the exact same recipe that was used in Germany where they were first made. All our ingredients are natural. Plus we make them in small handmade batches just like back in Germany.

Please enjoy with caution. Many people try to tell us "they're addicting" but they are not. It's just that once you get started on bag, it's hard to put them down.

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